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Julianne Shelton is one of Australia’s leading film and television producers, with a strong focus on the advertising industry. High end, but certainly not high-brow, she combines elegance and professionalism with earthiness and warmth.

Julianne’s accomplished career has enabled her to enhance her knowledge by facing every technological change both in Australia and abroad. She has faced many challenges with as many rewards alongside renowned directors such as: Jean Pierre Jeunet, Alex Proyas, Errol Morris, Bruce Hunt, Jeff Darling, Michael Gracey, Steve Ayson, Christopher Riggert, Patrick Huges, Daniel Askill, Ben Briand, Tim Bullock, Graeme Burfoot, Nick Ball, Tim & Eric, Mike Daly Tom Noakes, James Dive, Vince Squibb, Jae Morrison, Leo Woodhead and Sebastian Strasser to name a few.

Whatever your company model and clientele, Julianne Shelton will deliver a first-class product on time and on budget and enjoy the process as much as the crew and you.

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